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Comfort Zones

Come forth, my Darling,

Come out, out of your Comfort Zone.

What’s it like in there, for you?

Is it your place, your safe space?

Can you hide, can you forget

All your troubles in there?

Are you safe, are you warm,

Are you protected in there?


Come on, Darling,

Don’t be scared,

There’s a whole world out there,

Just for you, only you.

Do you feel overwhelmed?

It’s okay, don’t feel bad.

You can feel a little shy,

But remember:


Great Things…never came…from Comfort Zones.


Look around, what do you see?

Isn’t it great to be out here?

Feel the sun, feel the grass,

Take my hand…and run!

Explore new things, touch the sky,

Lift yourself up, higher and higher.

Move around, feelin‘ good,

Get the vibe like you never wanna stop at all.


‘Cause…Great Things…

never came…from Comfort Zones.


And when you’re done,

Feeling tired,

Exhausted from all those things.

You can go, you can hide,

You can feel protected in your Zone.


But Darling, just remember,

It’s not the only place for you to be.

You can feel just allright,

When you leave your little fortress.

There’s no attack coming for you,

No assault, that brings you down.

The only fear, that you should have,

Is missing out on a whole new world.

See the good, see the great,

Feel the sun… and run.

‘Cause Darling:

Great Things…never came… from Comfort Zones.

(Roman Johannes)