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The devil sits upon my shoulder

The devil sits upon my shoulder

And says the same things over and over

Telling me to just give in

That I will never truly win

The angel answers with a sigh

And looks the devil in the eye

He seems so tierd from this dispute

Just shakes his head and stays mute


The devil sees his chance right then

Keeps nagging me again and again

Says that things will never change

That for me to give up is not strange


He points out every single failure

Chastises all of my behaviour

Reminds me of all that went wrong

Says I'm everything but strong


But when the angel stirres at last

The devil's eyes grow wide and vast

And the angle calmly says

And this is why we come in pairs


He tells of all the things that can be

Of everything I failed to see

Shows me all that I've endured

That it made me stronger that's assured


That even if the devil sows doubt

It does not mean that it will sprout

For the devil takes so long to beat me

Because of all my strength, I failed to see


Timo Conrad